Meet the TEAM !

Welcome to our character profile page! 
This is where you will meet our characters 
and get to know what they are about.

Spinosaurus (Also known as “Spino”) is a humanised T-Rex Team Leader, on a quest to teach kids how to live adventurous and healthy lives and learn how to do it without getting into crazy trouble with the Wobbleouchies!

He is an expert on Trekking, Palaeontology (the study of fossils), Osteology (the study of bones) and Vine Swinging! And watch for what amazing things he carries in his back pack! 

Introducing Nik

Nik wants to learn more about the spine, what it does and how to look after it. He’s noticed that some of his friends are starting to look like the Wobbleouchies and wants to help his friends out so that they don’t follow in Wobbleouchi footsteps!

Introducing Paul

Paul has a good friend, who is also a dinosaur, called Spino.  Spino loves to tell stories and help people.   Together with Spino, Nik and Fiona, Paul wants to do whatever he can to learn from the Wobbleouchis mistakes so that Team Spino can help their friends everywhere to be the best they can be.

Introducing Fiona

Fiona has also noticed that more and more of her friends have aches and pains like the Wobbleowchis.

One of her friends Paul, knows quite a bit about the spine. He’s heard some fascinating stories about the spine that go back through time.

These guys never give up on trying to take the least amount of care as possible! There are plenty of them for plenty of opportunity to hurt themselves. And they will do all they can to try to get the Spino Team in trouble. So be on your guard!